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 Add-on Bonus #1: 

Day Training (Action Plan Part 1)

This training is designed to cut through all the noise and provide concrete, actionable steps. The most important thing is that you do them. Most of them (especially Day Training) take around an hour or less.

 Add-on Bonus #2: 

Night Training (Action Plan Part 2)

Here it is time to take things to the next level. The night is not easier or more difficult than the day. It’s just different…. This is the final stretch of all the training, when you finish it you will become that man who attracts women with ease like you always dreamed of.

 Add-on Bonus #3: 

7 Mental Exercises to Get Any Woman to Bed

You always have something to talk about. You always have something to say. However, you don’t have to just say random things in front of women. Not enough anyway. That’s what we’re going to fix.
Throughout the “Secret Seduction Formula” training, you will cover the topic of how to start and keep a conversation going thoroughly. This add-on is designed to delve deeper into some of the conversation topics so you are fully prepared for any circumstance.

 Add-on Bonus #4: 

How to Touch Women

Touch is crucial to building attraction with women. When you are interested in a woman, you should start touching her right away. This complimentary bonus will show you exactly how to start playing it and how to progressively increase your playing.

 Add-on Bonus #5: 

Checklist – Secret Formula of Seduction

This Checklist is a practical tool that will guide you with easy steps to master the process and keep all training at your fingertips.

 Add-on Bonus #6: 

Mind Map – Secret Formula of Seduction

The mind map is a general outline of the entire training program. With this practical tool, you will have an overview of everything covered in the guide. You can also print it for quick reference whenever you need it.

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